Art & Craft

Art & Craft just fit in together. They are a different process, of course, but hold the same meaning: creation. Art involves an unstructured activity where children can explore and create anything with their imaginations; however, craft involves a structured activity where children create something keeping their goal in mind. It holds and supports the personal, social, moral, spiritual, and creative development of a child. It helps the child to participate and explore the visual and tactile experience. It further helps the child to recognize and communicate the unlimited and variant ideas and meanings.
These are the opportunities that a child gets to work on them and find a way to develop confidence, a sense of competence, vivid imagination and bloom with creativity. Here in C.D.F.E, Art and craft club helps to enrich young children’s experience, motivating, and helping them to develop positive attitude to the school and life, beyond the formal education. Being part of the club, child will understand the meaning of his imagination and learn to self-express his vision. It will enhance child’s individual craftsmanship, giving them an exposure to various types of craft and art. This way they learn about where does their interest lies. This also strengthens them in academics as it becomes more interesting and they are able to comprehend what they are learning.