Smart Class Room

Technology has become an integral part of education system in present times. The visuals strengthened with the fantastic audio consisting of voices of various characters add to the interest of the learners thus making teaching-learning quiet effective. The institution has many such rooms equipped with latest gadgets to meet with this purpose, Our smart board have enabled the teacher to use technology to reinforce introduced concepts by the mix of audio and visual aid which has improved the students experience in the class with better grasp of concepts.
Spacious, airy and naturally /artificially well-lit classrooms provide the pupils with an ideal study environment.
In order to maintain a good and ideal studying environment the strength of each class is limited to 30 students per class. This helps in providing individual attention to each and every child by the teacher

Best Environment in Classroom

As over the last few decades, technology has made intervention in every aspect of our lives, the Classrooms of C.D.F.E couldn’t be an exception. Keeping pace with the world’s best practices for effective teaching-learning, C.D.F.E took the initiative in the previous decade only and adopted Educomp “Smart Class” Technology for transforming the way teachers teach and pupils learn.
Improving teacher effectiveness and productivity in class by making the concepts lively and thus, making the learning experience much enjoyable and fun-filled. Bringing about interactive learning process, formation of better concept, concept elaboration, improvement in reading skills and academic achievement. Enabling the teachers in designing instant formative assessment modules and evaluation.