Senior Wing

The secondary and senior secondary classes of CD Foundation are in sync with the prescribed curriculum for their syllabus as well as examinations, following the broad guidelines set by the NCERT. In classes XI and XII, the streams offered are Non-Medical, Medical, Commerce and Humanities, with more than six choices for the fifth subject. This wide array of subject combinations is of immense help to enroll in their colleges of choice and take up careers and professions suited to their acumen.

Holistic Assessments

This holistic curriculum gives us a broad perspective of various subject areas and a set of learning experiences. We participate in Language Arts, Mathematics, Science and Social Studies daily. The teaching of Mathematics draws heavily from the traditional Indian methodology of practice and diligence and borrows from the Singaporean excellence in mathematics.

Academic Support

Information Technology and Computer Science is taught not just as a tool but also as a subject covering areas in Programming and Design. The curriculum has been structured and adapted to seamlessly. Every child’s journey from childhood to young adulthood is immensely vital, It lays the foundation for the High School Academic program.

Parents & School

Parents are seen as partners so feedback is regular and timely. This feedback is individualised and includes the learners self-evaluation with specific goal setting as its outcome. Intercultural awareness and global citizenship are highlighted in a Primary-based year-long unit of inquiry along with a significant focus on our host culture and connections to Bangalore and India throughout the programme of inquiry.

C.D. Foundation of Education Teachers

The teachers invest their time in organising and implementing effective teaching practices to enhance student learning. At Cd Foundation, learning is continuous and progressive, culminating in the creation of able and audacious young citizens.

The C.D.Foundation of Education Senior Wing

The traits of character, confidence, curiosity and compassion are what we aim to inculcate in CD Foundation Khatawali Dharuhera in Haryana. Our role, quite simply is to develop the potential and proclivities within each individual student, leading to a life of individual fulfillment. We ensure that academic skills are understood in context so that they may be applied only for good.

Other Highlights of The C.D.Foundation
of Education Middle Wing

Every child’s journey from childhood to young adulthood is immensely vital, It lays the foundation for the Middle School Academic program.