Awards are great confidence boosters. Recognition of good work provides a positive reinforcement to the students and
encourages them towards healthy competition.

C.D.Foundation of Education
Provides Award our Students

At C.D. Foundation, Students are awarded certificates for a variety of scholastic and non-scholastic talents.
Criteria for Awards is as follows:
Scholar Badge - Awarded to student of Class IV onwards with minimum 50% in every subject and minimum 90% in aggregate (CGPA 9 and above)
Scholar Blazer - Awarded to a student who earns a scholar badge for 3 consecutive years, provided he she is continuing in the following years.
Merit Certificate - Awarded to each student who- Attains 100% attendance. Subject proficiency class wise(X/XII) Excellent in games & sports Excellent in co-curricular activities.
All Rounder Awards - All Rounder Award will be given to the deserving candidates for excelling in all fields viz academics, sports and co-curricular from Class Nur onwards.

Certificates of Appreciation

Certificates of Appreciation will be given for various monthly activities competitions to be held as per the details given in the almanac.